A major supplier and a reliable partner
in the market of heat engineering and sanitary ware products
in Ukraine with its own distribution network.

Your Reliable Business Partner

SANDI+ has been one of the most powerful operators of the domestic market of heating, water supply, and sanitary ware for more than fifteen years.

Our work is aimed at continuous improvement of customer service standards.

This is expressed in the increase of offers of assortment groups of goods, uninterrupted supply of products, their quality, warranty obligations, the creation of a branched distribution network, the possibility of intermediate storage of goods and their delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine.

We can withstand a competitive parity and optimum quality-price ratio for all product groups.



The vision of the organization is a figurative representation of the essence of the organization’s activities and prospects (future).

What we should be and what we strive for

The vision of the organization is a figurative representation of the meaning of the organization’s activities and perspectives (future). It explains and demonstrates to all employees and the public what an organization is, what it should become and what it aspires to. The vision of the future of a big company is the visualization of the political, economic, social situation in the country, the industry, as well as the desired state of the enterprise in this situation.

The vision relates only to the future: it loses its relevance in achieving the desired state of the enterprise and should be reformulated again. The vision formulation should be laconic, dynamic, human-friendly (it is often a slogan), and meet the following requirements: to be inspiring, to be simple as a memory or an image, to be credible and contain guidelines that can serve as a basis for developing a strategy.

Since the formation of a vision is one of the tasks of the top management

I tried to formulate it based on my own views on everything that is happening around us now politically, economically, and socially.


To create a company - a platform where the best of the best will work and interact, where the most ambitious plan is a reality, where everyone can find himself and fulfill his professional potential 100% and get not only moral satisfaction, but also a material reward to achieve his life goals and make his dreams come true.

«The only dominant task in life is to find your business and do it»

I want our company to be a platform for every person who follows this quote.



The existence of a mission for a company can be compared with the presence
of a navigation star for a ship by which it is guided, in order to proceed further
without a precise map of the terrain.

We are inspired by it, it helps us
to fell the significance of our work.

The mission of the company is not a panacea for all the troubles, but its presence can inspire people, help them to sense the meaning and significance of their work, and understand why they should get up early in the morning and go to our office. You decide what you exist for. The mission and goal, like a magnet, attract the best people to the company, and give customers the opportunity once again to make sure that you really care about them. The uniqueness of the company and values that are important both to the organization’s staff and its executives and customers is always behind formulation of the mission.

A mission is a “glue” that does not allow a company disintegrating as it grows, decentralizes, and diversifies.

Mission. To create and provide all the necessary conditions for the employee to fulfill their own potential in order to obtain both personal recognition and material satisfaction from work in the company for achieving their life goals. At the same time, we must fulfill our fundamental task associated with the full satisfaction of the consumer, the increase of the market share and achieving the excellent financial condition of the company.



They help us focus our attention on the understanding
what we need and in what direction we are moving.

We are not building a business, we are building an organization that is building a business

Now to the objective: I believe that exactly the lack of knowledge and understanding of both short-term and long-term goals of the company, the lack of correct and healthy communication, the lack of involvement of each employee in the overall process, the lack of the desire to change something for the better, the lack of offers, the lack of feedback on the actual state of affairs is the most important for us today, and after all, for a truly market-oriented company, the main thing in determining its essence is the feedback that links the company and the buyer.

Today, everyone is working on themselves, on their own results, everyone lives paycheck to paycheck not understanding that without being oriented on a common result and not adhering to the general objectives of the company, one may face a choice and searching for another job, and I do not think that everyone will be able to find better conditions for themselves. Therefore, we need to focus our attention on how we can change the situation for the better within the company, what needs to be improved and added in order to stay together as long as possible and enjoy communication with each other, solving joint tasks that are clearly important and for which it is difficult to find a solution (where the whole groups of involved employees may participate at times), the implementation of the established plans (which will affect the material benefit for themselves and their families in the end). To do this, we need to understand our main objective, the existence of a unified opinion and understanding of what we want and in what direction we are moving.

You should be proud of the fact that you are doing your job in the best possible way.

Therefore, I believe that we need to ensure a general focus and direct general energy to correct the state of affairs that exists today.

The main thing is to have a desire and openness for change.

And the last thing: only those who are ready to learn, change and grow, regardless of their age, experience and personal qualities, will work with us. And if someone thinks that a significant transformation is not possible, most likely he will have to leave the company.

Objective of SANDI+ for 2020 – 2021

Proceeding from our vision and mission, I propose setting an objective based on the principle of one short but very succint metaphor: “We do not build business; we build an organization that builds business”, where all the team actions are at the head (we do not consider the personal contribution in the common cause to be the most important), where the main task is to surround themselves with the best specialists, empower them, provide the necessary support from the senior executives, and coordinate (not control), if necessary, the work on those issues that are clearly important and for which it is difficult to find a solution.

Based on the fact that work with each passing day becomes more difficult, in those companies, where employees interact better, they get a competitive advantage. To do this, it is necessary to establish the right communication (open communication) between all employees of the company, where the main principle must be well-established effective communication, through bilateral communication, where the main principles are as follows:

  • each employee should be a model for the other, not a judge;
  • we must learn not to criticize, but to set an example;
  • we must learn to spend twice as much time on listening than on speaking;
  • we should get used to the fact that conclusion should be made only after listening to and understanding your opponent (assistant, subordinate, employee, customer, etc.).

Achieve higher efficiency of the staff through the mutual enrichment of collective abilities rather than at the expense of the individual abilities of an employee, through open communication, mutual respect and trust in each other.