SANDI+ is a leading Ukrainian company operating in the market for plumbing fixtures, heat supply and water supply equipment and having its own corporate culture.

For almost 20 years we have been monitoring the industry’s trends on a daily basis, analyzing consumer needs and delivering quality products to our country, because consumer orientation is the work priority for every employee of our company.

Our team boasts highly-skilled specialists, and the atmosphere in our office promotes generation of ideas, joint responsibility and development of professional potential. We do not build a business – we build an organization that builds a business!



We create a platform where the best of the best work and interact, where the most ambitious plan becomes a reality, and where everyone can find and professionally realize themselves by 120%, and at the same time, receive not just moral satisfaction but also tangible reward in order to achieve their goals in life and make their dreams come true.

«The only dominant objective in life is to find what you like to do and accomplish it» – people with the mindset like that are the ones we want to see at SANDI+.



SANDI+ mission is this: «Creating a flawless product for consumers!» It reflects the essence of our company, our spirit and our moral, as our entire team is working every day on becoming the NUMBER ONE COMPANY!

The «flawless product» is a phrase indicating that every employee and every department of SANDI+ wants to do their job flawlessly. And we see on our team only the people capable of doing that!



The business of SANDI+ is based on eight values representing an unalienable part of the company’s work processes:

  1. Consumer orientation
  2. Better ideas
  3. Teamwork
  4. Objective criticism
  5. Continuous improvement
  6. Results of extra class
  7. Money as the criterion of efficiency and effectiveness
  8. Leadership

Professional development

Every employee of our company is a true professional in their trade, but at the same time, they know where to grow and strive to achieve results of extra class.

Every one of us knows: if you continuously improve your performance, if you are a team «player» who generates better ideas and implements them, your growth at the company is guaranteed!

We at SANDI+ strive to grow both professionally and personally, and the company promotes this growth in all possible ways. During the last three years, SANDI+ employees:

  • Completed one of the best business schools in Ukraine, the International Business Institute, under an MBA program
  • Listened to 112 online courses
  • Attended 60 educational offline events
  • Read 2.5 million pages of business literature

But in addition to that, in order to present the flawless product both to the partners of our company and to end consumers, we thoroughly study, on a daily basis, the products we supply and the products presented in the global market for plumbing fixtures.

And also, we work every day to make SANDI+ the best company in Ukraine capable of easily adapting to any market conditions!