I Help Social Project


I Help Social Project

In our rapidly developing world, we sometimes forget to look around, or simply do not have time to do it… But it is important to remember that sometimes you need to switch from yourself to your neighbor, showing, when necessary, kindness and empathy.

That is why SANDI+ actively organizes various social projects aimed at helping children. I Help campaign is among them.

I Help is about kindness, humanity and openness! It's about a carefree childhood, a smile and laugh! We all dream that children do not know what serious illnesses, pain and hospital weekdays are – this has become a starting point of the project. And we invite each of you to be a part of it!

We have designed a collection of plus heroes. Our Sandik is endowed with such qualities as friendliness, charm, and most importantly, he is able to come to the rescue at the right time. Each badge is special and will not be repeated!

Once in 2 months, a couple of heroes will be issued, buy all of them and collect the whole set!

- How to participate? - You buy a Sandik badge for UAH 150/piece and this money is addressed to help a child.
- How many badges can I buy? - Any desired quantity.
- How to buy it? - write to us on social networks or in the form of feedback on the website about your desire to buy it, and we will contact you.

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