Bookshelf: The Power of Habbit by Charles Dachigg


Bookshelf: The Power of Habbit by Charles Dachigg

Our list of references is updated by a new must-read book. This time we want to recommend The Power of Habbit by Charles Dachigg. We can confidently say that this book will be incredibly useful for everyone who seeks to find happiness and achieve success.

The author talks about how, with the help of small steps, to get rid of any bad habit: be it, for example, procrastination peculiar to many or even smoking. The book also describes in detail how a habit is formed and how it predetermines actions, forcing a person to act in a certain way. After reading this book, you can easily find a way to twist the very “screws” in order to learn how to manage your habits and take away from them the right to rule over you. Most often, we acquire certain habits very easily and it is easy, invisibly for ourselves, to get rid of the habits that you don’t like following the advice from this book.

Do you know that you can simultaneously affect the habits of many people at once? For example, you can you teach a whole country to brush their teeth every morning? Or that, having developed a “right” habit, even in something small, for example, to make a bed after sleeping in the morning, you can radically change your life? This practice, by the way, is applicable in business. Habit can sometimes become a serious obstacle, and sometimes a good helper. It is worth noting that in the matter of studying habits, mankind has significantly advanced over the past 50 years. That is why in this book you will find a lot of useful and smart tips on how to change your life for the better, because everyone has habits.