SANDI+ on Kayaks: Extreme and Fun Corporate Party


SANDI+ on Kayaks: Extreme and Fun Corporate Party

Today our SANDI+ team had the first experience of joint kayaking. Everyone who took a risk and agreed to participate in a corporate event was left with a baggage of positive emotions and incredible impressions. Our water adventure has once again confirmed that we are a real team: everyone has seriously treated the task of driving the kayak synchronously and fulfilled their obligations not 100%, but 120%.

Our colleagues managed not only to drive the kayak, but also to have fun on the banks of the Seversky Donets, play volleyball and various relay races, eat delicious food and sing songs by the fire. And today, everyone not only works, but also shares their impressions of the rest:

  • Diana (HR Director): “We got a lot of impressions, a lot of pleasure from this corporate rafting! During the trip, we managed to walk on the water on oars, swim on natural beaches, play active games on the shore, and in the evening, to have a real camp dinner by the fire and sing songs to the accompaniment of a guitar. Team unity, the opportunity to communicate with colleagues, get positive emotions, get to know each other better – that’s what we all gathered together for! Thank you all for participating! Well done guys! We thank the company’s management for the opportunity to hold this event!”
  • Denis (purchasing manager): “This was my first experience in kayaking. Everything was very cool. Emotions, atmosphere and team!"
  • Andrey (product manager): “The corporate party was a success, we went a long way along the Seversky Donets river with a large team of 70 people. We encountered obstacles on the way in the form of beaver dams, fast currents, loss of control of the kayaks, but thanks to teamwork, we overcame everything with honor. And we were rewarded with a wonderful rest on the banks of the river, at first: volleyball, relay races, dancing ... and finished late in the evening by the fire by singing with a guitar in a circle of close friends.”
  • Olga (accountant): “Thank you SANDI+ for such a wonderful day! Wonderful nature, bright sun, warm water, cheerful company - allowed to escape from everyday affairs. I got a lot of pleasure from kayaking. It was great!"
  • Denis (main full stack web developer): “Corporate party is super! Sun, water, delicious food, positive people. The team building was a success!”
  • Yulia (purchasing manager): “Thank you SANDI+ for a great corporate holiday! For me, this was the first attempt at mastering the kayak and, thanks to my colleagues who got on the same boat with me, I think it can be called successful!”
  • Natasha (designer): “Many thanks to SANDI+ for organizing such an unforgettable holiday with colleagues! After all, what could be better than staying away from daily routine worries, constant running around and bustle and dip into the pacifying calmness and enchanting surface of the river? Rafting on kayaks is a wonderful active rest, I got a lot of impressions and emotions. Thanks to all!”

Now we know for sure that for pumping close-knit work and excellent outdoor activities, kayaking is the best option!

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