SANDI+ at 1+1 Digital Weekend


SANDI+ at 1+1 Digital Weekend

The weekend of May 11 and 12 was dedicated to inspiring and gaining new knowledge! Our team attended the largest event in the field of marketing, advertising and design - 1+1 Digital Weekend in Kharkiv. 

On the first day of the event, we were carried away by the performances of the cool speakers. The lectures were united by one common topic: the creation of new media projects, starting from the development stage and ending with their monetization using a variety of platforms.

On the second day of our informative weekend, we got acquainted with the digital environment and learned about the projects that can be created in it, and how to make them social and media.

Some interesting insights from the Digital Weekend:

- The author of the quote that has become popular among marketers: “Content is king” was none other than Bill Gates (in 1996, he even wrote a whole essay on this subject).

- Advertising has long become an interactive experience for its audience. It is important that it does not cause irritation, while it is worth noting that in recent years the number of annoying and intrusive advertising has decreased significantly.

- A mandatory requirement for modern content is multimediality, it must also be universal and suitable for different platforms at the same time.

- You need to know your audience and meet its expectations.

- Youtube platform prefers longer videos. One-hour video will be better ranked than several videos 2-10 minutes long.

- If you had an idea to create your own Youtube channel, then you need to be prepared for the fact that in order to achieve success and payback for your work, you need to really work hard and make sure that the content is systematic and regular.

- Sensible designers can be compared with real wizards. With the help of design, they can control the user so that he does what they need. 

- The narrower the niche for your target audience, the more difficult and expensive it is to attract it.

- Focus not on what competitors are doing, but on what your users require.

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