Upgrading SANDI+ B2B account


Upgrading SANDI+ B2B account

Three years ago, we launched and presented SANDI+ B2B - account for our partners – a convenient instrument for placing product orders.

Every day, a team of our specialists worked on improving this product to make it easy and comfortable to use.

In early 2021, we launched a new, upgraded and improved version of SANDI+ B2B. After working out all “pains” and requests of users, we accommodated all worthy suggestions and requests.

The most important improvements include:

  1. Changed design: its design now closely resembles the regular design of online stores we are used to.
  2. Product filters: filters based on the product’s main characteristics in a particular search category help users make a more precise selection.
  3. Product sorting: the option of sorting products based on the alphabetic order or price.
  4. Expected arrival date: stated on the product’s card.
  5. Changed order placing logic: a simplified method of adding purchases to the shopping cart.
  6. Categorization: the main method of selecting products using a category.
  7. Commercial offer: a partner can make a commercial offer to a customer, featuring a discount/surcharge, and immediately send it to the customer (and subsequently document this order).
  8. Bilingual website: the Ukrainian language was added to account usage options.
  9. Improved uploading (export) of offers and files for adding in online stores: we added formats for popular sales platforms (Prom, Rozetka), and the option of choosing the price/file language between Russian and Ukrainian.
  10. Order forms are located in one section, My Orders, containing waybill numbers and Nova Poshta order statuses.
  11. “Currency exchange rates” section was added to view fixed rates for wholesale and retail orders.
  12. Exchange rate change diagram allows to view exchange rates for the previous period or for a particular date.

We do not stand still; every day, we continue to improve our service. Should you have any requests or suggestions concerning SANDI+ B2B account, your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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