Bookshelf: Game theory. The art of strategic thinking in business and life


Bookshelf: Game theory. The art of strategic thinking in business and life

Each person has to constantly make decisions in work and everyday life. The choice of a profession, life partner, parenting methods or company management strategies are examples of important and necessary decisions that affect our destiny.

In life, we have to remember that the people around us also think strategically. Colleagues, partners, business rivals, spouses and even children have their own goals and plans, which can both coincide with yours and contradict them. Making a choice, it is necessary to anticipate a possible conflict and think through the terms of cooperation.

This book will teach strategic thinking with the help of game theory, a branch of the social sciences that studies strategies for behavior in any situation and teaches you to find the best options. Strategic thinking skills will help you make the right decisions and act on their basis, correctly analyze the actions of other people and take into account their reaction to your choice.

Strategic thinking skills are useful for politicians, businessmen, managers, teachers and everyone who wants to become more successful in life.

The SANDI+ team advises reading this book, especially it will be useful for those who are involved in negotiations, sales, generally with any situations where there is a conflict of interest and the search for the optimal solution.

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