SANDI+ Training Portal


SANDI+ Training Portal

The multifunctional SANDI+ portal for training managers and office managers has been operating at our company since 2020. Now we train all employees at the same time. Every week, a specific training course is assigned for employees: first, the material is studied in depth, and then you need to pass the test. The platform is available on all gadgets. Therefore, when our colleagues have a couple of free minutes in the fields, they use them to study product information.

Benefits of SANDI+ knowledge base:

  • all information on the company’s trade areas is collected on one site;
  • increases the efficiency of customer support. Since the information that can be useful when communicating with customers is always at hand;
  • • knowledge support: after completing a training course, an employee can always return to the knowledge base and repeat what he has learned.

By the way, on SANDI+ training portal, the rating is compiled by regions, and after passing the tests, employees receive virtual awards, which further motivates to study everything and pass the tests with an excellent mark.

SANDI+ - get plus with us!