SANDI+ and Partners at ICMA S.p.A. Plant


SANDI+ and Partners at ICMA S.p.A. Plant

From June 4 to 7, another group of SANDI + partners flew to Italy to get acquainted with the ICMA S.p.A.

Summer Italy met us with good weather, new views and pleasant expectations.

On the first day, our team managed to land successfully, to go on excursions on Lake Maggiore and to have a nice dinner with the owner of ICMA S.p.A., Stefano Thrace and regional manager Giulio Cavinato.

The second day was completely devoted to production! Our partners visited the factory where products under the ICMA brand are manufactured.

We got acquainted with the production facilities of the plant, talked with the staff and learned the history of ICMA S.p.A. The scale, quality and speed of the processes impressed everyone.

On the third day, the group became better acquainted with Italy, with the national mentality, with the beautiful Milan and its attractions.

All of us and our partners returned home full of impressions, knowledge and emotions. Our gratitude to our business partner, ICMA S.p.A.

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